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Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month Your Bulldog puppy Month by Month

Two new books in the
Puppy Month by Month series:

Your Beagle Puppy Month by Month...read more

Your Bulldog Puppy Month by Month...read more

By Terry Albert

Animal Planet Colllie by Terry AlbertAnimal Planet Dogs 101: Collie

By Terry Albert

Released in the fall of 2016, this is a book I am especially proud of, because I have owned and loved several collies. I'm also excited that many of the photos in the book are of rescued collies!

Read more about Animal Planet Dogs 101: Collie here

Golden retriever puppy month by month bookYour Golden Retriever Puppy Month by Month

by Terry Albert

Similar to my Labrador Retriever book (below), this book takes you through your Golden puppy's first year. The information is geared especiallly to Golden Retriever puppy owners, with special attention to the health and training needs of goldens, and how they differ from other breeds.

You'll find all you need to know about every aspect of your puppy's growth when you need to know it: health, nutrition, training, socialization and more. And don't forget to have fun with your puppy too – Goldens are loyal and affectionate and I guarantee you years of happy times ahead.

Read more details about Your Golden Retriever puppy here.

Your lab puppy Month by MonthYour Labrador Retriever Puppy Month by Month

By Terry Albert

Second edition. This book takes you month by month through your puppy's first year. It includes everything you need to know about health, development, training, nutrition, socialization, and just how to have fun with your new Lab.

Read more details about Your Labrador Retriever Puppy here.

new books by Terry Albert Dogs 101: Animal Planet books written by Terry Albert

Anyone who knows me knows how I love Labs, and I'm thrilled I had the opportunity to write Animal Planet Dogs 101: Labrador Retriever for TFH Publishing. It is available for purchase on Amazon, and is in Petsmart and Barnes & Noble stores nationwide. Besides owning Labs, I have fostered and boarded hundreds more over the years. Learn more about Dogs 101: Labrador Retriever.

Animal Planet Dogs 101: Boxer was released as part of the second phase of this series. I have known many Boxers and several stay with me often. Learn more about Dogs 101: Boxer.

Basset Hound, Your Happy Healthy Pet by Terry Albert

Author Terry Albert with a Basset Hound

Your Happy Healthy Pet: Basset Hound

By Terry Albert, 2008, Howell Books.

That's me in the photo below, "researching" these sweet dogs! They are exuberant and affectionate, and a lot of fun to be around, not just total couch potatoes like you might think! A big dog on short legs with a great sense of humor.

A complete pet guide for the new and experienced Basset Hound owner, you will find the information is specific to Bassets, not just any breed. Included is a DVD and a link to online chapters.

Since I couldn't add acknowledgements in the book, I'd like to thank JoAnn, Jacqueline and Bill Nolan of Splash Basset Hounds, Heather Simonek of Vogue Bassets, Don Bullock of Woebgon Bassets, Sylvie McGee and Cathy Wheeler, who all spent hours with me as I diligently took notes. Jacqueline Nolan posed with dogs, and Kevin Whelan had his agility dogs perform for photos by my good friend and professional photographer, Melanie Snowhite, who has several nice shots in the book.

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